The films of the weekend: A surprise trip with Ron Moss and Lino Banfi and Nel mio nome

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Surprise trip by Roberto Baeli with Ron Moss and Lino Banfi

Ronn Moss’s glamorous «soap opera» (unforgotten Ridge by Beautiful) meets the Apulian warmth of Lino Banfi (the national Free Grandfather of A doctor in the family) in comedy Surprise tripproduced and designed by the overseas star.

In the story he plays Michael, a broker of the Big Apple, son of an Italian-American: exasperated by the frenetic pace of the metropolis, he masseria in Fasano, with the aim of moving immediately. When he arrives on the spot, however, he realizes that he has been scammed but, after weeks and weeks of stay among olive trees and trulli, between pizzica and burrata, he begins to enter the local mood and change perspective. The family he meets and with whom he clashes has an iron-fisted patriarch, Don Antonio (Lino Banfi). Meanwhile, the man turns to the carabinieri to find one in the captain woman strong and full of charm, Maria (Mayra Pietrocola). And so business and matters of the heart are mixed in this daring adventure directed by Roberto Baeli.

The film, in cinemas from 8 June, it is a light parenthesis lasting an hour and a halfwith hilarious goodies, like Ronn Moss struggling with an Apulian tongue twister or a couple of bungling robbers wearing flesh-colored tights instead of balaclavas.

Refrain from those looking for deep meanings, at most you will find some fairytale metaphor, but the project does not aspire to anything other than to entertain the public with simplicity.

In my name by Nicolò Bassetti, produced by Elliot Page

The documentary In my name follows four friends Bolognese aged 23 to 33 (Nico, Leo, Andrea and Raff) who talk about their gender transitions, from feminine to masculine. The experience unites the son of the director Nicolò Bassetti, Matteo, and the personal stories of the producer Elliot Page, actor and activist. The project, presented to Biografilm Festival and in the hall from 13 to 15 June, it involves companions, friends and family members of the protagonists and starts from the assumption that in Italy there is no third genre.

Individually, the children’s voices retrace their experiences in detail, from compression tank tops to testosterone injections. Each chapter of the stories is a podcast track that also reveals bureaucratic difficulties and children’s stories.

From the rose-tinted frame of a bicycle to (involuntary) groping in the locker room, one never tends to tread on discrimination and bullying, but we try to tell a personal journey which, however, becomes collective when lawyers, judges and social workers are involved.

One wonders: “What if trans people weren’t people who change sex but who choose a name?”.

One of the protagonists specifies: “You are not sick, you are just oppressed”, and begins to tell indiscreet questions, indelible comments and forced choices.

It is a hymn to freedomtiring and conquered slowly, but without rhetoric.

Source: Vanity Fair

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