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The fire in Stromboli: what happened?

The fire in Stromboli: what happened?

Marco Giorgianni, mayor of Lipari, is ready to ask for a state of natural disaster after the environmental disaster in Stromboli caused by the fictional fire that has become reality. The damage count is just beginning, but it’s already high. The stake started from the set of the TV drama Civil protection went on for 24 hours and caused damage of over 50 million euros. And the consequences can be long-term.

There Mediterranean bush incinerated, over 6 hectares, it brings fears for the holding of the volcano’s soil. There could be landslides and landslides at the first heavy rain. The damage could also come from the inability to make excursions and tourist activities on the volcano during the summer. This would take away tourist income.

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The mayor explains: “On the island there is no longer a blade of grass, it is a miracle that there are no victims”. After a day and a night of fire there is damage to houses of the area, about twenty houses, the premises of the Advanced Operations Center and the equipment for monitoring the activity of the crater. The technicians of the Experimental Geophysics Laboratory say that the landslide monitoring system is not active. All volcanic warning systems are working.

Council lawyers are ready to make a claim for damages. First are the hoteliers and all the other operators in the tourism and economy of the island to express concern and ask for compensation.

A note-exposed sent to the president of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci, to the mayor of Lipari, Marco Giorgianni, to the Civil Protection, to the councilorship and to the Regional Department of Agriculture, to the prefect of Messina, to the carabinieri and to the firefighters asks each action aimed at “Ascertain responsibility and compensate the community”.

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To investigate the dynamics of the fire there are the Carabinieri and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. The fire, this is ascertained, developed during the preparation phases of a scene that should have been shot shortly after by the director Marco Pontecorvo.

The scene involved the escape of a little girl from her home. The child must have seen a red glow from the window. The fire used to represent him has gone out of control due to the fort sirocco wind blowing on Wednesday 25 May. This confirmed several witnesses, inhabitants of the island involved in the shooting. There are those who also say they warned of the danger, but remained unheard.

“In film script they sent us from production for fiction Civil protection Rai did not tell us they would start a small fire during the shooting, but then I don’t know who, he thought of doing it, perhaps because he was reassured by our presence, but the strong sirocco wind in a few minutes made the fire flare up “he the engineer Salvo Cantale, emergency manager of the Sicilian Region’s fire brigade, told the newspaper La Sicilia.

The director, heard by the Carabinieri, released a statement: «I am destroyed, devastated, distressed. No shooting was in progress but only preparation for the scene to be shot shortly after. Scene that existed on the script and was planned in the way we were setting it up for that day, as per our agenda. I still have to reconstruct what happened because I was on the set but far away ».

To check the authorizations: the production company claims to have received them regularly, mayor and firefighters deny having given consent. Much of the crew that was due to complete filming this week left the island. At the time of the stake everyone tried to help, including the actors who were not on the set like Ambra Angiolini who told Quotidiano Nazionale: «I’m here with the people of the island to help. I wasn’t on the set at that moment but, I assure you, it wasn’t an easy night ».

The islanders were the first to face the flames because there is no one on Stromboli garrison stable of the firemen, we have to wait for the arrival from Catania and the other islands. There were five firefighters on the island just to watch over the Rai fiction, but at that time they weren’t on the set.

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