The first beta version of Android 12L has been released with bug fixes and an improved interface

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It’s no secret that Google is working on a version of the Android operating system for large screens, which should be released early next year. The search giant first unveiled Android 12L over a month ago and has now released the first update available for testing on foldable mobile devices, tablets and Google Pixel smartphones.

The first beta version of the system, as is often the case, contains bug fixes, as well as some interface changes to improve interaction with large-screen devices. The company also encourages developers to test their apps in Android 12L Beta 1.

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In addition to bug fixes, the update includes various improvements and optimizations, as well as the December security patch. Since Android 12L is primarily intended for large screens, the first beta version of the system focuses on improving the interface of foldable devices and tablets, namely the display of notifications, quick settings, lock screen, home screen and other elements. Devices with screen densities above 600 dpi will display a two-column layout for more information. For example, these can be quick settings and notifications. Google is also working to improve multitasking by allowing you to drag and drop an app in split-screen mode right from the taskbar.

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Android 12L Beta 1 can be tested right now on Pixel 3a, Pixel 4 and 4a, Pixel 5 and 5a, after registering in the testing program, as well as through the Android emulator in Android Studio. As with the preview, Android 12L Beta 1 is also available on the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro with APIs that allow app developers to enjoy landscape mode and make multitasking easier.

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