The first Campus Network in Greece by COSMOTE & Greek Gold – 300 m below the ground

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An innovative campus network (private network) with mobile telephony infrastructure was designed and installed by COSMOTE in the underground mine of gold, silver, lead and zinc in Olympiada, Halkidiki, one of the three total projects that make up the Kassandra Mines operated and developed by Hellinikons Chrysos .

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It is a particularly complex and technologically complex project, the only one in Greece, at a depth of 300m. below ground, covering arcades of about 10 km. With this innovative technological solution, the enhancement of safety and productivity is achieved, and the conditions are created for the full digitalization of the mine.

In particular, with the mobile campus network, which is fully adapted and specially designed for the operational needs of Hellinikon Chrysos, both coverage and guaranteed capacity for the mine’s daily operations are ensured. Through tablets, communication becomes more direct between the workers in the underground and the operators of means of transport and machinery, with their colleagues on the surface and more specifically with the state-of-the-art Control Center that undertakes the supervision and coordination of the work. In addition, uptime is increased as shifts, production and fleet management are organized more efficiently. Among the benefits of this private mobile network is the immediacy of the transfer of critical data (weight of ore during loading, type of transport material, machine breakdowns, etc.).

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In the company’s plans, it is to further exploit the campus network by developing new applications and technologies that will enable functions such as remote mining, remote loading control, as well as vehicle telemetry (remote data collection). At the same time, safety is enhanced, as in the future there will be an image of the number of workers in each section of the mine and critical information will be provided in emergency situations. Also, through appropriate sensors that measure the concentration of particles or dangerous gases in the atmosphere (gas monitoring), the Control Center will have the ability to remotely adjust the supply and quality of air (ventilation on demand) or even proactively remove workers protecting their.

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The Deputy General Manager, Operations, Greece of Hellinikos Chrysos, Mr. Michalis Papasotiriou, said in this regard: “This project, which is unique in Greek terms, unlocks important new possibilities for Hellinikos Chrysos that will make our operation better and, most importantly, safer. For once again we are leading the way by investing in cutting-edge technologies, with which we modernize the mining activity and lay the foundations for a better future. Our intention is to expand the network to Skouries where we are planning a landmark mine for Greek and European data”.

The Chief Commercial Officer Business Segment of OTE Group, Mr. Grigoris Christopoulos, emphasized: “At COSMOTE we offer companies integrated digital telecommunications and IT solutions for every need. Even for the most difficult conditions, such as 300m below the surface of the earth and kilometer galleries, we have the solution. With experience, consistency, high know-how and efficiency. The campus network at the Olympiada mine was also a bet for us that we won, contributing to the modernization of the company and the digital empowerment of the mining process” .

The benefits of campus networks using a mobile network

The private mobile network excels in security and stability, compared to other wireless networking solutions, as it allows the utilization of a specific spectrum, yielding very high speeds, top quality and reliability without interference. It is an advanced technological connectivity solution that can contribute to the digital transformation of businesses in the country, accelerating the development of the next generation of industries “Industry 4.0” and “smart” production (smart manufacturing), but also important sectors such as tourism, logistics , transport, infrastructure management (ports, airports), etc.

The future of campus networks is 5G, as with automation and analysis capabilities, with almost zero time delay, high capacity and data transmission speed, it allows the implementation of even more sophisticated applications in an industrial environment, for the benefit of the production process, but also of all activities of a company.

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Source: Capital

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