The first CFA in Russia may appear before the end of the year

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The first digital financial assets (DFA) in Russia can be issued before the end of this year, says Anatoly Aksakov, head of the State Duma committee on the financial market. According to the deputy, they will become the basis for financial settlements and for the “whole picture” of the relationship between companies to be in a distributed ledger, writes RBC Crypto.

“Now work is actively underway on digital financial assets,” Aksakov emphasized during the Moscow Academic Economic Forum.

The deputy recalled that Russia has a law on DFA and three platforms for issuing digital assets have already been registered. The MP added that two more platforms are on the way. Aksakov called them “in a certain sense” an alternative to financial mutual settlements, which today exist on the basis of the dollar, euro and other currencies.

The official also spoke about the development of a bill regulating digital currencies.

“The government is for regulation, for the legalization of this market, rather strict regulation of this market, and has prepared a bill. He has not yet entered the State Duma, we are expecting him in the near future, ”Aksakov said.

He concluded that the authorities agreed on the need to legalize and regulate mining. This will allow regulating energy consumption, energy supply, and “putting things in order” with illegal miners that create problems for energy consumption in certain regions.

In April, the Central Bank held a closed meeting with the Moscow Exchange, SPB Exchange, large brokers and information system operators, where it discussed the concept of trading in digital financial assets. The source of Kommersant, who took part in the meeting, said that the stock exchanges were in favor of trading, brokers mostly supported the concept. Operators of information systems reacted skeptically to the proposal of the Central Bank.

In March, Sberbank entered the register of operators of information systems for managing the CFA. In his message, it was said that legal entities would be able to issue their own DFAs certifying monetary claims, acquire DFAs issued in the Sberbank information system, and also make other transactions with them provided for by law.

The first company in the register of information system operators in early February was the Atomyze tokenization service. Earlier, Vladimir Potanin’s Interros invested in the service.

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