The first concert is never forgotten

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A son it is, among the various immensities, also the most unexpected of the territories in which fortified and various presumptions operate. He is born, and with him you are born a mother who must defend – from friends, grandparents, acquaintances, all loving – your convictions that the world should recognize as sacred because they are guided by the most natural and invincible instinct there is (that, in fact, maternal ), and instead. “What are you doing, are you taking Sveva to the Auditorium at the Diodato concert?». «She’s just a year old, doesn’t it seem soon to you?». «And hearing damage, have you taken them into account?». «He will cry all the time, you will see. You will not enjoy the evening». «But is that really the case?». Yes it is.

The audiences, the galleries, the squares, the stands, above all after a silence – which seemed endless – like that of the pandemic, they are the place that I imagine as the most sensible for children for a first or new connection with one of the most wonderful ways in existence: live music.

And so in the summer tour of his 40 years, Antonio Diodato he went back to singing in front of his audience Make noise, what a wonderful life, until we disappear, and toAuditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome a beam of light illuminated the expressions of a wonder never felt on the face of mine, and of the other little ones who were lucky enough to have parents who – just like me – thought (against all the beliefs of others around) it was the case.

With the necessary precautions, but the case. Like a mother that I remember as wonderful a distant evening before any Covid on the beach of Rimini, at the Jova Beach Party. Lorenzo sang on stage In the moonlight, and she on the shore with bare feet in the sea danced with her daughter asleep in the pouch, the noise-canceling headphones to repair her eardrums and sleep, a smile of peace who took everything around. And he tasted of dreams.

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