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The first flight for the US 6th generation B-21 Raider stealth bomber

Video of the first one was released flight of the new American bomber B-21 Raider, which is 6th generation and is expected to replace the previous B-52 model.

THE flight took place in California and according to the US Air Force it is characterized as “the most advanced military aircraft ever built».

Based on the manufacturing company Northrop Grummanhas stealth features that will allow it to penetrate deep into areas where enemy air defense systems are deployed.

The US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austinin related statements he had made, he had mentioned that “it is proof of America’s timeless advantages in terms of ingenuity and innovation’.

He also stated that “this bomber built on a foundation of strong, bipartisan support in Congress… The B-21 is capable of being networked across the battlefield with multiple systems and across all sectors. Supported by a digital ecosystem throughout its life cyclethe B-21 it can evolve rapidly through rapid technological upgrades that provide new capabilities to overcome future threats.”

Source: News Beast

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