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The first LGBTQIA+ wedding in space: Alessandro and Alec get married among the stars

Their will be the first LGBTQIA+ wedding in space. Next year, in 2025, Alessandro Monterosso, 33 year old entrepreneur and startupper, will marry among the stars Alec Sander, 25 years old, a young artist of the new Italian music scene. The pair secured one of the first 50 flights of Space Perspective which will operate off the Space Coast in Florida.

Alessandro and Alec will board the spaceship Neptunea kind of gigantic hot air balloon to which a pressurized spaceship is connected, which will take them to over 30,480 meters altitude, in the stratosphere, to celebrate the first LGBTQIA+ wedding in space. Inside the capsule they will enjoy the panoramic view of the Earth below and the starsthrough the largest windows ever to fly in space.

The capsule seen from the outside

«Space is a dream I've had since I was a child. Every star in the sky reminds us that love, in its splendor, knows no boundaries» explains Alessandro Monterosso, who wanted to be an astronaut as a child. In reality, he then became a nurse, then specialized in clinical research at the University of Trieste and obtained a Master's degree in International Healthcare, Economics and Policy at Bocconi. Five years ago he invented it PatchAi, a medical device that uses artificial intelligence to collect data on the patient's health conditions. The following year he entered the charts Forbes 30 Under 30 Italy, in the Healthcare category. And its PatchAi was acquired by an American healthcare giant. Today Alessandro Monterosso is an established entrepreneur, and can fulfill his dream of love.

Alec was her first boyfriend. “I had a girlfriend before,” she explained to Courier. «I come from a small town in Calabria, I had a hard time accepting my orientation. I experienced it with a great burden, so much so that I didn't talk about it with anyone, I kept it a secret.”

For Alec, however, this wasn't a problem at all, «So it wasn't easy having to listen to him he introduced me to his roommates at the time from time to time as his friend, his cousin… and then he told me: no, I'm not gay. So, after almost five years, I said enough. He, who had had the app explosion in the meantime, was trying to contact me again. But I didn't do anything, I let it boil.” And it was a truly eternal year for Monterosso: when in 2022 she saw the man in love with her again, she didn't waste any more time, and she asked him to marry him.

And the guests? «My grandmother would be the first to want to come. We have six seats available in addition to us and the pilots. It starts from the Space Kennedy Center from NASA, in Florida”, explained the entrepreneur. Which he admits that, certainly, a space wedding is a major expense. “But for us it's worth it. Then, if we got married in Calabria, perhaps in the end we would spend more with all the guests.”

The first LGBTQ wedding in space Alessandro and Alec get married among the stars

Source: Vanity Fair

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