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The first nanosatellite of ‘Nasa catalana’ will be called ‘casteller’: Enxaneta

The name corresponds to the figure of the child who occupies the last floor of the traditional Catalan human towers

Enxaneta is the name of the first nanosatà lite that Generalitat de Catalunya will put into orbit, next March 20 from the cosmodrome of Baikonur (Kazakhstan), within the framework of your Estrategia NewSpace.

The denomination is a tribute to the highest figure of the castles, the smallest that crowns the traditional Catalan human towers, and has been chosen through a contest organized by the children’s program of TV3 InfoK in which 10,000 children have participated.

The launch of this nanosatà © lite will be the starting gun for the missions programmed by the Govern in the so-called “new space economy”. The project, in which more than 30 companies and several research centers participate, is based on the use of small satellites, orbiting at low altitudes, to exploit their data. The Generalitat estimates that this strategy will generate 1,200 jobs in Catalonia and a turnover of close to 300 million euros until 2025.

Presenting the plan to create a Catalan space agency and putting six nano-satellites in orbit aroused several criticisms of the Minister of Digital Policies, Jordi Puignera, among some opposition parties, which spoiled the announced investment [18 millones de euros en los proximos cuatro años] in the middle of the second wave of the pandemic of Covid.

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