The first priorities in economics-reforms

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Of Dimitris Gatsiou

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Having closed for good and through multiple positions, either by Kyriakos Mitsotakis or top government officials, the scenarios of the ecology, the Maximos Palace … gives turns to the strategy of the next critical months for the course of the country.

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Critical because, on the … bridge to the post-COVID19 era and with the final horizon of lifting the last pandemic restrictions pointing to March, a return to full economic and social normalcy must be accompanied by a corresponding wave of promotion reforms. Reforms that, pressing on a growth that will exceed by estimates by much 8% for 2021, will be the … vehicle for achieving a big bet. The return of Greece to the investment level.

Reliability and stability

“It is a national goal for the government and for our country for Greece to acquire the coveted investment grade within 2023. I consider the first half of 2023 to be a realistic goal,” said the Prime Minister from the podium of the Hellenic-German Chamber.

According to executives, credibility, political stability and consistency in the implementation of the “blue” election program are structural components of the government’s pace. The real economy, quality development for all and the support of households and businesses during the global energy crisis are among the top priorities of the Maximos Palace, as the commitment to fiscal stability sends its own strong signals to markets and investors.

“Greece is an economy emerging dynamically from a ten-year crisis. This in itself creates opportunities. But it is not just a temporary recovery. We are not just covering the lost ground. We are also laying the foundations for long-term quality development. Greece today It is a country that is an attractive investment destination first and foremost, I believe, because it has political stability, it is something that I consider to be extremely important. “She is consistent in what she says and she is credible. She does what she says,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis told the Hellenic-German Chamber.

Optimism for the economy

What is becoming clear in discussions with stakeholders is that, starting next month and once all goes smoothly on the pandemic front, the government will make a full recovery, with an emphasis on the economy. “I am absolutely sure that the future of the Greek economy is extremely optimistic,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis. In this direction, as executives comment, the data of the European Union and international organizations support, according to which:

– Growth in our country will reach 8.5% in 2021 and will continue both in 2022 (with 4.9%) and in 2023 (with 3.5%).

– The real disposable income of Greek households, according to the latest report of the European Central Bank, recorded an annual increase of 4.7%, which is the second best performance in the Eurozone. Six times above the European average, which was 0.8%.

– Unemployment, as noted in the same report, showed the largest decline among all Eurozone countries. From 17.3% in 2019, it fell to 12.7% in December, and the number of unemployed is at its lowest level since 2010.

– Deposits of citizens and businesses are increased by 43 billion euros compared to June 2019, with 52% of the increase coming from households.

The government initiatives of the coming months aspire to have a direct positive impact on the … pockets of millions of citizens. In this direction, executives remind a series of moves that will unfold in the near future. Movements such as:

– The second increase of the minimum wage from 1 May.

– The reorganization of EFKA through a total modernization, which will respond to the complaints and protests of citizens about the operation and delays in this organization, which is called to serve 6.5 million insured.

– The new programs of OAED for the further reduction of unemployment.

– Attracting new investments that will create jobs and push unemployment even further. “We are here to support the people,” they comment, with the whole context reflecting the combination of targeted relief from vulnerable groups and fiscal stability.

The target and the shots against Tsipras

As Kyriakos Mitsotakis clearly showed, as the close associates of the Prime Minister clearly show, the national goal for the government in the field of economy is for our country to acquire an investment grade within the first half of 2023, in order to ensure low borrowing. from international markets. “In order to achieve this, we need a clear commitment to the fiscal targets set for 2022 and 2023. Consequently, fiscal stability, as Mr. Mitsotakis emphasizes, can in no way be called into question. “Households and businesses will continue to respond to energy price hikes with an emphasis on the financially weak, but also a commitment to fiscal balance,” government officials said.

From the … radars of the Maximos Palace, however, does not escape what is characterized as uncontrollable hyphesiology by Alexis Tsipras. “In his public statements on price increases, the president of SYRIZA promises without measure and without measure … Mr. Tsipras shows that he continues unpaid in the path of populism and is ready to reopen public finances, if he was ever given the opportunity “Just as he did in 2015, loading a huge unnecessary Memorandum into the pockets of Greeks. Citizens know that big problems are taken seriously and prudently, and that cheap promises always lead to painful denials,” government officials said.

Source: Capital

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