The first recommendation for the transition was to reinforce the speech about the vaccine, says a doctor

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President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) met virtually this Thursday (24) with members of the technical group of Health, which assists the transition team for the next government. The meeting lasted about three hours.

In an interview with CNN also on Thursday, infectologist Alexandre Naime said that the first recommendation made to the transition team was to reinforce the discourse on the importance of vaccination.

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“The vaccines [contra a Covid-19] current measures remain highly effective in what is most important: avoiding hospitalization and deaths. Therefore, our first recommendation to the transition team was to reinforce the speech of booster doses for those eligible for D3, elderly, D4 and immunosuppressed until D5, “he said.

Naime highlighted that the meeting was “very optimistic, because it was a moment when we were heard”, justifying that, during the pandemic, there was “complete deafness in relation to scientific discourse, to good practices in medicine”.

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He also pointed out that Lula is committed to having “a new look” and reinforcing the issue of vaccination. For the doctor, “the main plan is to make the Brazilian people trust the National Immunization Program” again.

“This was an important discussion during the three-hour meeting. The Ministry of Health needs to take the lead in communicating with the population in terms of its area of ​​activity, which is health,” he pointed out.

Source: CNN Brasil

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