The first Tesla cars have already used up the battery life: replacement will be very expensive


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The very first Tesla vehicles were introduced 13 years ago. At that time, the company made a splash in the international market. However, innovation in transport technology is not complete without disruption. And now, 13 years later, you can see how these revolutionary electric vehicles are showing their age, because they accumulate more wear and tear than others. The most painful topic of the first models was the old battery packs.

Deteriorating battery life has become an obvious problem for many owners of Tesla’s first electric vehicles: Model S and Roadster. Some drivers have already started repairing batteries at the renowned American transport company Gruber Logistics. The cost of “reanimating” the battery is about $ 5,000. The company’s repair focuses on detecting individual cell aberrations that “revive” a dead battery. Whether such a repair will be durable is currently unknown. Russia also has similar procedures, but the price is even higher.

However, this fact does not stop the owners of the first Tesla cars. It’s pretty hard to justify a $ 22,000 complete battery replacement on a car that only costs $ 25,000. At the same time, it is important to understand that such a procedure in Russia will cost much more. Therefore, the purchase of an old electric car for Russians is rather impractical.

It should be noted that official service centers do not provide battery recovery services, since Tesla introduced a restriction due to the lack of the necessary skills to work with their circuit. Therefore, the only option is to completely replace the package with a new one. Moreover, in Russia, Tesla has no official services at all.

It should be added that Tesla is not alone in having problems with old batteries. There is already a fairly large assortment of electric vehicles on the roads. And the first models of every automaker are already having trouble with the battery. Such a problem could ultimately undermine the already fragile reputation of electric vehicles. Indeed, in addition to the “disposable” batteries, the owners are unhappy with the fact that electric vehicles are able to increase insane mileage with minimal maintenance.

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