The first Driverless tram will appear in Russia in 2022

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According to TASS, the first Russian driverless tramway will appear in 2022. It will be assembled at the facilities of the UKVZ – Ust-Katavsky Carriage Works, which is part of Roskosmos. It is interesting that the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin spoke about the creation of an unmanned tram back in May 2019 – and now, after a year and a half, the project is still present in the company’s roadmap.

This is how one of the serial models of UKVZ trams looks like

«The technical task is ready. The components are clear to us. It remains to purchase and apply. We will make it in 2022, most likely, but there will be long-term tests, because the system will be adjusted and refined.“, – this is how the general director of UKVZ Roman Novikov commented on the project. The unmanned system has been developed, by the way, at UKVZ. But, judging by the description, it will probably be a learner, so even if the unmanned tram is embodied in metal and plastic in 2022, it will most likely enter commercial operation only in 2023 – as the autonomous driving system is being fine-tuned.


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