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The first very tender starred dinner of Gianmaria, the son of Enrico Bartolini and Roberta Morise

As they say, the apple never falls far from the tree. And if the tree is called Enrico Bartoliniit is easy for the apple to be a gourmet. The most starred chef in Italy, the number one of our cuisine (at least according to the judgment of the Michelin Guide, by far the most authoritative on the subject), is in fact recently became father of little Gianmariaborn from the relationship with the presenter Roberta Morise. The couple never fails to declare and show that they are very much in love, on every possible occasion. She, radiant, documented her pregnancy on social media and he, moved, posted the foot of his newborn son thanking the doctors for having resolved some “tortuous first days”.

The two, very much in love, are also preparing their wedding: in a few weeks Roberta Morise and Enrico Bartolini will say yes to each other, in a ceremony that we have no doubt will be super romantic (a bit like the marriage proposal, on the other hand).

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The date for the big day is set for next August 31sta period in which the couple will also celebrate one year since the beginning of their love. The location could only be one of the many in which chef Enrico Bartolini offers his starred cuisine: why go elsewhere, when you can have control over every single course? So, the wedding will be celebrated in Tuscany, at the Andana Resort, where Enrico Bartolini has his one Michelin star restaurant «La Trattoria».

And, since August 31st is just around the corner, we imagine that it is time for preparations and inspections. Obviously, with little Gianmaria in tow. So, just one month after his birth, Little Bartolini enjoys his first starred dinnerright in the restaurant where mom and dad will celebrate their wedding.

The first very tender starred dinner of Gianmaria, the son of Enrico Bartolini and Roberta Morise

In a very sweet story on Instagram, mother Roberta Morise films father Enrico Bartolini who, sitting at the table of «La Trattoria» with little Gianmaria in his arms, is bottle-feeding him. «For our archive: this is his first starred dinner»the chef comments smilingly in the room. “The first course is mommy’s milk!”

On the other end of the phone, an amused Roberta Morise films the scene and enjoys the show. Waiting to wear the white dress.

Source: Vanity Fair

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