The former babysitter of Harry and William will be compensated by the BBC for the lies about the “affair with Prince Charles”

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It is now a certainty that the infamous »interview from 1995 a Lady Diana fu obtained by the journalist Martin Bashir by deception. So much so that the British public broadcaster, as it became known recently, would like to remedy with one maxi donation of € 1.75 million. A mountain of money from pay to a charity of the royal family’s choice.

But how did Bashir fool Diana? The journalist, with the help of graphic designers from the BBC, he showed the princess some false papers. In particular a certificate of abortion therapeutic on behalf of Tiggy Legge-Bourke, at the time nanny of William and Harry. Diana, that already he suspected that Carlo was having an affair with Tiggy, went on a rampage. And he agreed to grant the interview with which he made the Crown tremble recounting all his torments in front of 23 million astonished spectators: the “Three-way marriage” with Carlo (due to Camilla), the betrayals with the army captain James Hewitt, and then the bulimia, the depression post-partum, masochistic temptations.

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Now the BBC is responding to the sound of a nutshell even for the lie that was at the origin of everything. The issuer, as reported The Telegraph, has offered Tiggy Legge-Bourke over £ 100,000 in compensation (about 117,000 euros).

Tiggy was the nanny of Prince Harry and Prince William in the 1990s. One of many. But she was with the two boys in a key period of their life. When, that is, Carlo and Diana got divorced and the children found themselves in the midst of all the consequences that a break between parents entails.

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Class 1965, Tiggy Legge-Bourke was in his thirties when he found himself looking after Kate Middleton’s future husband and brother. A little less than Lady Diana at the time. He came from a very good family and had studied at the same Swiss boarding school that the Princess of Wales attended. Hired by Carlo in 1993 to look after his children, Tiggy she was beautiful, intelligent, charming. E Diana was jealous: he suspected that there was a story between the nanny and Carlo. And that the one with Camilla was just a cover. According to the Princess of Wales, Tiggy was the woman to be truly feared. And the gossip of the time proved her right. True or not, 56-year-old Law-Bourke, that today she lives in Wales with her husband, certainly managed to win the hearts of little Harry and William. The princes were very fond of her and after Diana’s death Tiggy became their main point of reference. But not for long. In 1999 the nanny resigned and went to the countryside. But with William and Harry always maintained an excellent relationship, so that was present at their weddings and chose them as godparents for his two children.

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