Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon is asking the Montenegrin High Court to review an extradition order from the country to South Korea or the United States.

A representative of the Montenegro Court of Appeal told the press that on December 6, Do Kwon, the founder of Terraform Labs, filed an appeal in which he stated: “I do not agree with the court’s decision to extradite me and ask the court to reconsider it.”

According to Montenegro’s Code of Criminal Procedure, the appeal court must consider Do Kwon’s application and make a final decision on extradition and the country to which the Terra founder can be transferred by December 15.

A source close to the proceedings said that according to preliminary estimates, Do Kwon’s extradition could take place in January 2024, if there are no delays in making a final court decision.

At the local level, it is believed that the likelihood of Do Kwon’s extradition being overturned is extremely low. Because the prevailing opinion among Montenegrin officials is that Do Kwon’s imprisonment, as well as the long presence of the Terraform Labs founder in the country, is attracting unhealthy attention from the world community.

Let us recall that at the end of November, the High Court of Montenegro in Podgorica approved the extradition of the founder of Terra to South Korea or the United States, at the choice of countries that have claims against the former project leader.