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The free psychological test to evaluate your mental health

Over 130 thousand questionnaires have been carried out so far. To live better it is a project ofEnpap, the national welfare and assistance body for psychologists, dedicated to citizens. Promotes access to psychological interventions for anxiety and depression. Basically, through a online questionnaire accessible herea first step is taken to identify the most widespread psychological distress conditions and therefore get to know your situation better, thus trying to improve it.

For the 2023/2024 edition I am available around two thousand free routes dedicated to citizens aged 16 and over in the provinces of Emilia-Romagna, Marche and Tuscany, affected in the last year by severe floods. But the test is naturally open to everyonein order to delve deeper into one's psychological state of health and understand whether it's time to see a specialist. The questionnaire is organized in 27 questions and provides an initial assessment of mental well-being by referring to the self-help manuals prepared by Enpap (created and updated on the basis of the most recent scientific literature) and offer concrete support to those who use them. or, in fact, suggesting interventions from a professional.

Psychiatrist Phil Stutz: «Adversity? I call them challenges: everything comes to strengthen us or to teach us something we didn't know about ourselves”
We interviewed the famous author of The method, the unconventional psychiatrist who provides practical tools to deal with life and treats the patient “like a person”. His latest book Lessons for living collects famous, far-sighted and always current reflections on the meaning of life. Here he teaches us the “value” of loss, how to face fear and how gratitude saves us

«We started on an experimental basis with a project aimed at all Italians focused on post-Covid inconveniences – he explained to Sun 24 Hours the president of the sector fund, Damiano Felice Torricelli – thanks to extraordinary resources set aside over the years. Now we must focus on targeted initiatives such as support for flood victims.” It's on the table now one million euros and will precisely finance the work of 162 psychologists in the territories of those three regions affected by the very heavy flood events of recent months, so as to offer approximately ten sessions of psychological support. «In the presence of emergencies and catastrophes, such as floods, there is a great immediate collective response – added Torricelli – which, inevitably, thins out after some time. While it is necessary to intervene even after six months or a year because it is in this phase that disorders can emerge, also linked to adaptation to new conditions”.

Created with the support of some Italian universities, To live better – inspired by foreign experiences such as the British Iapt program (Improving access to psychological therapies) – has reached its second edition and naturally has a parallel objective of assigning job grants to psychologists registered with the organization and winners of a tender to provide free services to the citizens of their territories on disorders such as anxiety, depression or adaptation disorders . The first edition raised five million euros for 945 professionals and almost 9,300 beneficiaries.

Source: Vanity Fair

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