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The French left claims the right to implement its radical program

The alliance of the left, which came first in the number of seats in the parliamentary elections in France, is claiming the right to implement its radical program, even if this means the creation of ad hoc parliamentary alliances and waiting for the emergence of a person to lead the new government . Intensive negotiations are underway while President Macron’s camp has not completely ruled out the possibility of forming a government together with the republican right. President Emmanuel Macron himself, who has not spoken since the end of the election process, is preparing to leave for the NATO summit in Washington. The unexpected turn of last Sunday’s vote put the New People’s Front, a motley coalition of the radical left, communists, socialists and environmentalists, in first place. Those who until yesterday were arguing daily, must now agree, by finding a consensus on a personality that will be able to embody their program. The name can come from […]
Source: News Beast

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