The gamer was able to buy a Chinese video card MTT S80 and run Crysis on it: it was not worth it

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Some time ago, the Chinese company Moore Threads released its latest MTT S80 video card on the local market, the main feature of which is a unique architecture. This is the first gaming video card from the Celestial Empire, which was not licensed from Western technologies or chips from NVIDIA and AMD. Unfortunately, at the moment it is almost impossible to find reviews of a video card on the network that are not from Chinese journalists, but a gamer from Germany under the nickname Loschzwerg tried to rectify the situation – he was able to buy this graphics accelerator straight from China, after which he tried to run cult video games on the video card. This turned out to be quite difficult, since the developers do not work on drivers.

For example, a gamer really wanted to run the once-legendary Crysis video game on the MTT S80 video card, which ten or fifteen years ago was a real benchmark of the system’s capabilities. As expected, the enthusiast simply failed to take and launch the shooter, since the software written for the Chinese video card does not cope very well with both new and old projects. Ultimately, the game launched exclusively in DirectX 9 mode, which, of course, affected the overall performance. And although the gamer attached only a screenshot, which indicates 0 FPS, which is why it is not possible to judge the performance in the game, it is still better than the reviews of Chinese media in which the games did not start at all.

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In addition, the gamer decided to check the MTT S80 video card in benchmarks that are more understandable to a wide audience in order to roughly understand the “pure” performance of the Chinese novelty. And if you believe the data from 3DMark, this video card turned out to be much slower than even the Intel Arc A770 model, although the Chinese MTT S80 video card is the first model in the world to support the PCIe 5.0 interface, and in general the characteristics of the graphics accelerator are quite decent. But this did not help the MTT S80 at all – it is about 64% weaker than its competitor from Intel, although the “blue company” is not a favorite on the market and NVIDIA has much more powerful solutions.

So a gamer from Germany confirms that you can really play on a Chinese video card (and it probably won’t be a problem to buy it), but there is no point in doing this – the drivers are still terrible after a few months, the video card does not reveal even half of its potential , and the PCIe 5.0 interface was added just for show.

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