The gamer went through the hardcore Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice blindly – all for charity

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Games Done Quick, which hosts twice-yearly Awesome Games Done Quick live video game speed-run events to raise funds for charity, has gone on record to raise a whopping $3.4 million for the Cancer Prevention Foundation this time around. On Twitter, representatives of the organization said that this is the largest amount they have ever managed to raise – previously the largest amount of donations was one million dollars, so this time the funds raised exceed the previous record by more than three times.

#AGDQ2022 has raised a total amount of $3,416,729 for @preventcancer! This is officially the most we’ve ever raised in the history of @GamesDoneQuick — ANOTHER WR🏆

Thank you to everyone who made this marathon possible, and thank you all for your generosity & support❤️

— Games Done Quick (@GamesDoneQuick) January 16, 2022

During the Awesome Games Done Quick broadcast, which took place on Twitch from January 9 to 16, talented speedrunners from all over the world set their next records, thereby collecting donations from users. For example, InsertLogic completed Kena: Bridge of Spirits in 28 minutes and 35 seconds, ShadowthePast completed Webbed in 17 minutes and 21 seconds, and Jaxler broke the Pumpkin Jack world record in 53 minutes and 17 seconds. But the real star of the broadcast was the speedrunner Mitchriz, who decided to go through the very hardcore game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice blindfolded.

While we are already well on our way in the Sekiro blindfolded run, we still cannot get over this Burning Bull fight. #AGDQ2022

— Games Done Quick (@GamesDoneQuick) January 16, 2022

Yes, the streamer in the process of passing used only his hearing, but he did not see opponents, a map and other elements of the virtual world – he had an opaque bandage on his eyes. As a result, it took him only two hours to complete a hardcore role-playing game in this format – a result that for many gamers is not subject even without a bandage. However, Mitchriz himself had previously completed the game with his eyes closed on his broadcast and was even able to do it faster than at a charity event, plus he already holds the absolute record for completing the project – 1 hour and 42 minutes.

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