The gang rape of a woman is shocking: She was beaten, tied up and left naked

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Horror causes one more sexual assault in India. A woman is fighting for her life after she was allegedly raped, beaten and abandoned by the perpetrators who thought she was dead, during a marriage.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was found tied to an electricity pole in the village of Chakhabib Rudhiya in the northern state of Bihar on Tuesday, according to a Daily Mail report.

The villagers took her to the hospital after she was found naked, unconscious and in critical condition.

It is reported that the woman was in the crosshairs when she went out early in the morning to use an outdoor toilet. The perpetrators allegedly transported her to an abandoned area, where she they raped and beat her as she tried to resist, according to India Today. In fact, the men threatened the woman that they would kill her.

Thinking she was dead, they tied her to a power pole. The men also allegedly stole the woman’s jewelry.

When he was found, he was taken to hospital and remains in critical condition. Some information from local media say that she has regained consciousness, others say that she has not.

So far no arrests have been made in the outrage, but seven men are being questioned. These men were handed over to the police by villagers.

The men are workers who made the tents for the wedding, which took place at the victim’s house. Preparations for the wedding reportedly brought many foreigners to the village. Police are talking to the woman’s family, as she has not yet been able to make a statement.

Tuesday’s attack is the last to be reported in India, where a woman or a girl is raped every 15 minutes, according to federal figures.

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