The Generalitat wants to endorse the State the bill of the restrictions against the coronavirus

Aragonese asks Sanchez for a tax moratorium on those affected by the limitations imposed by the Catalan Government by letter


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After improvising the restoration lock to the race to try to contain the exponential increase in coronavirus contagions in Catalonia, the Generalitat proposes that it is the Government that mitigates the losses that this and other sectors affected by the limitations that came into force on Friday, and that also affect commercial establishments, gyms , amusement parks or aesthetic centers.

The acting president of the Catalan Executive, Pere Aragones, demanded on Saturday by letter to Pedro Sánchez that the Government approve a tax moratorium for businesses that have had to suspend or reduce their activity to comply with the health restrictions set by the Generalitat.

Specifically, the ERC leader called on the President of the Government that those affected may defer payment of VAT, corporation tax and Social Security contributions.

The economics adviser also discharged most of the responsibility for mitigation measures in the Government. Aragons called on the Central Executive to “live up to it” to compensate for the “difficult but entirely essential” measures taken by the Generalitat and endorsed by the High Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

“We have made difficult decisions because they have a very serious impact on very important economic sectors of our country. But we have made the necessary decisions to try to advance the response to an evolution of the Covid-19 that threatens, if we do not stop it in time, with causing a situation as complicated as that of spring,” the Republican justifies in the misiva sent to Sanchez. “Following this measure,” he argues, “there is no other will to help limit social interactions in spaces where, despite the great efforts of professionals, citizens over-relax and facilitate the spread of the pandemic. It is a severe measure at the economic level but at the same time totally essential at the health level”, aragones continues to argue.

The ‘substitute president’ of the disabled Quim Torra argues that the Govern will on Tuesday approve a package of economic measures aimed at the injured, including a line of extraordinary guarantees through the Institut Catala de Finances (ICF) to meet the short-term treasury needs of companies. “But if we want these measures to actually act as a genuine rescue plan, we need to be accompanied by a moratorium on tax collection,” Aragones adds, to recognize the dependence of a state from which it insists on separating.

Only the closure of the catering establishments over the next 15 days will result in losses of 780 million euros, according to the Catalan employer Pimec.

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