The German government admits for the first time that the northern part of Cyprus is under Turkish occupation

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The northern part of Cyprus is “held in violation of international law”admitted for the first time the Berlinon a subject he studiously avoided answering.

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This answer, as recorded by Deutsche Welle it was officially given by the responsible Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Katia Coyle from the Greens, in a related question of the MP of the party of the Left (Die Linke) Sevim Dagdelen.

In detail, the Deutsche Welle article is as follows:

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“With the upcoming elections in the background Turkey which have been announced for May 14 and shortly after the recent presidential elections in Cyprus with the victory of Nikos Christodoulidis, it is interesting recent question asked in the German parliament (specifically on March 15) in the usual “question time” to the German government by the Member of Parliament of the party of the Left (Die Linke), Sevim Dagdelen, regarding the how the German government legally characterizes the situation in the occupied northern part of Cyprus.

Specifically, the question was asked by Mrs. Dugdelen as follows: “The continued occupation of part of Cyprus constitutes a violation of international law bearing in mind that, according to the German government, the attitude of the Turkish government is contrary to United Nations Security Council Resolution 353 of July 20, 1974, which was issued following the Turkish intervention in Cyprus as well as with Resolution 367 of the UN Security Council of March 12, 1975 after the unilateral declaration of the “Federal Turkish State?”.

It is essentially about her first time the German government gives a clear answer to this constant question that MP Sevim Dagdelen has been asking for a long time about the situation in Cyprus, as she mentioned in the Greek program of DW.

It is even surprising that the responsible Deputy Secretary of State Katia Coyle from the Greensin its response on behalf of the German government to Sevim Dagdelen this time he boldly speaks of “violation of international law”, which he had not done in a similar question from Dugdelen to the government last February (SF_23-02-0292). At the time, the German government had avoided calling the occupation “contrary to international law”.

In particular, the German government answers the following to Dagdelen’s question: “The Turkish position in relation to the northern part of the island of Cyprus violates the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council. The federal government does not recognize the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (TRNC) and considers this part of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus to be occupied in violation of international law».

Dagdelen to DW: Stop supporting Erdogan’s neo-Ottomanism

In her exclusive statement to DW’s Greek program, the left-wing MP comments on the German government’s response:

Almost 50 years after the Turkish invasion, the German government has finally called the Turkish occupation of part of Cyprus a violation of international law. This recognition of reality by the federal government is long overdue. Chancellor Soltz and Minister of Foreign Affairs Burbock are called upon to strongly support negotiations within the framework of the UN in order to end the partition of Cyprus with the ultimate goal of withdrawing all Turkish occupation troops.

The federal government must not continue to feed the neo-Ottoman claims of the authoritarian Erdogan with weapons systems as well as the escalation policy it follows in the Mediterranean. Instead of equipping Erdogan’s fleet, the German government must show full solidarity to Cyprus and Greece with a European freeze on arms exports to Ankara».

Source: News Beast

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