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The German Minister of Defense revealed how the Russian wiretapping took place – Where did he attribute the leak

Her defense minister GermanyBoris Pistorius, assured a while ago that “our communication systems were not breached,” referring to the Russian wiretapping of German officers, while attributing the leak to an “individual application error” of one of the participants in the conversation, who, as he said, did not follow the regulations of a secure connection.

“Not all participants followed the secure call procedure,” Mr Pistorius said, adding that “according to the information so far, the data leak was made possible by the officer, who connected to Webex from a hotel in Singapore from an unsecured line ».

According to the “BILD” newspaper, this is officer Frank Grefe, who was visiting the “Singapore Airshow”. As the Minister of Defense stated, “it was a mistake, a serious mistake” and the disciplinary investigation process has already begun against the officer in question. “There was no Russian spy involved in the conversation,” the minister also clarified. Mr Pistorius also claimed that “the consequences of the mistake were manageable”, while stressing that he did not wish to downplay the incident.

Asked if Germany's partners were expressing disbelief or annoyance over the incident, Boris Pistorius said that in his communications so far he had noticed “no irritation” and expressed confidence that the confidence of partners and allies in Germany remains. He also repeatedly stressed that every possible effort will be made to prevent this from happening again and, referring to Moscow, he said that it is constantly making efforts to undermine the cohesion of German and European society.

Source: News Beast

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