The global semiconductor market in 2020 grew by 7.3%


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Gartner analysts have summed up the preliminary results of 2020 in the global semiconductor market. According to them, the specified market, which contracted by 12% in 2019, returned to growth in 2020. The growth was 7.3%. In monetary terms, the market reached $ 449.8 billion.

Fears that a pandemic would have a devastating impact on semiconductor manufacturing and sales at the start of the year have been exaggerated. More precisely, the effect manifested itself in different ways in different segments. For example, automotive and industrial electronics were hit by a pandemic, while segments related to distance learning and work, on the contrary, received an impetus for development.

The experts named Intel as the market leader, which in a year was able to increase sales by 3.7% and occupy 15.6% of the market. Samsung is in second place. The South Korean manufacturer was able to increase sales by 7.7% over the year. Its share at the end of the year is 12.5%. The third place belongs to another South Korean company – SK Hynix. It increased sales even more – by 13.3%, and its share is 5.6%. Micron Technology ranks fourth with 4.9%. In 2019, all of these companies were ranked in the same places. Broadcom, which finished the top five in 2019, is now sixth. Qualcomm moved up to fifth place from sixth, with 4.0% of the market at the end of 2020.


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