«The Godmother»: the trailer for the new film with Isabelle Huppert

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Fun, colorful, flamboyant and gifted with sensational intuition. This is how Isabelle Huppert introduces herself in The Godmother – Paris has a new queen, the new comedy by Jean-Paul Salomé blockbuster in France that finally arrives at the cinema in Italy on October 14th. The story revolves around Patience, a translator specializing in wiretapping for the drug team who, partly out of boredom and partly out of frustration, decides to get involved in first person as soon as she intercepts a conversation about her son’s dodgy trafficking. of a woman very dear to her.

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That’s when Patience decides to turn his life around and to sneak into the network of traffickers in order to protect the young man. When a large load of drugs is in your hands, you do not miss the opportunity and become La Padrina, a “wholesale trafficker” who, in a short time, begins to make a name for herself in the Paris that matters, fueling the doubts of traffickers committed to discovering his true identity.

With field experience and an innate talent for transformation, Patience is able to help her team by providing all the information they need to bring order to the investigation. Godmother, which in addition to Huppert, brilliant in both dramatic and comic roles, also sees Hippolyte Girardot in the cast, is a fun and bittersweet journey into the world of Parisian crime with a particular eye on humanity and the fragility of those who find themselves to do, in spite of himself, with illicit rounds. Based on the novel The Liar by Hannelore Cayre, the film is just another proof of Huppert’s talent, capable of guiding us by the hand between beautiful hijabs and a lot of laughs.

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