The Goodbye 2020 podcast: “And you, how will you greet this year?”

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Here we are at the episode of December 31, 2020. In a few hours all of us, at every latitude and longitude, will finally be able to say goodbye to 2020. What we will remember as one of the worst years of our life, the year of the pandemic, the year of covid-19, the year in where we rediscovered ourselves as fragile, in which we suddenly found ourselves catapulted into a film that we never would have thought of living from life.

From one day to the next the masks on the face, the lines in front of supermarkets and pharmacies, the word lockdown, the banners hanging on the balconies, the songs sung every afternoon, Pope Francis completely alone in St. Peter’s Square, the streets of all our deserted cities, the silence broken only by the cry of the ambulance sirens.

Doctors locked up in white overalls and protective equipment, full intensive care units, respirators on, the coffins of Bergamo, the dead, too many, many. Over 70 thousand.

To say goodbye to the year that is about to end, we have created this podcast with which, through the voices of different artists, we have definitively greeted 2020.

In our penultimate episode we have chosen to say goodbye to 2020 by retracing the farewells of our guests: from Marina di Guardo to Elio and the tense stories, Tess Masazza, Silvia Rossi dei Trentenni, Chiara Gamberale, Cathy la Torre and the nurse symbol of the fight against covid alessia bonari.

Have a good listening!

And how will you greet 2020? If you want, write to the address

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