The Government breaks with the unions and will approve the offer of public employment without agreement

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The Government has decided to approve the offer of public employment at next year’s General Administration of the State (AGE) without reaching any agreement with trade unions. A rupture, therefore, which occurs at an already delicate time given that it is still unknown whether there will be a pay rise for civil servants next year, and which is due, according to trade union representatives, to a totally insufficient offer.

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“It does not meet structural needs and jeopardizes the viability of the General Administration of the State,” they say from the Independent Trade Union and Officials’ Centre (CSIF). “We do not share the volume of places offered or their distribution. We consider that the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Service empty of content the Single Convention and abandons the most critical sectors of age by promoting a model of administration away from the real problems of citizenship”, they add in CCOO.

The latest offer submitted by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Service includes a total of 9,270 new income places and 8,996 internal promotion, explained from CSIF, which face this data with “the loss of 43,477 troops that has occurred in this administration since 2010″.

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CCOO, for its part, notes that“in 2019 there were 8,708 casualties, mainly forretirements”, while the figure of new income is those indicated by 9,270 positions. “We understand that intensity is lost in the recovery of public employment, with an increase in casualties of only 6%. We demand a free EPO that is not below 10,150 posts, which would result from the application of the 2019 increase coefficient [26% on the replenishment rate],” they add.

Nor has UGT signed the agreement, although since the union training close to the PSOE they have tried to highlight the positive aspects presented by the offer: “Create net employment, by convening 9,270 places in 2020 in the free shift to alleviate a loss of 8,054 troops during 2019” and “isa motivating Public Employment Offer, as it contains an offer of internal promotion record, which opens up possibilities for progression in the professional career”.


The clash between trade unions and the Civil Service takes place, as has already been pointed out, without civil servants knowing whether they will see a pay improvement next year. The multiannual agreement signed by the then Minister of Finance and Public Service, Cristóbal Montoro, expires this year, and the Executive, in the Budget Plan he sent last week to Brussels, did not detail whether there will be an increase or not.

In addition, the Vice-President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, has at some point opened the possibility for wages to freeze, although today she has indicated that the Executive’s position is to “support” public services and their employees, of which she has said that they have performed and perform a “commendable” task. “Let’s see what the dialogues end in,” said Europe Press

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