The government insists: No new lockdown – ‘No’ to closing schools

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By Dimitris Gatsios

“No” to new restrictive measures, at least at this stage. “No” to closing the economic and social life of the country. Acceleration of vaccinations in the community, whether they concern the first doses or the commemorative ones. Scanning inspections throughout the country for the faithful implementation of the interventions. It is on these four peaks that the government’s strategy for tackling the new wave of pandemic virus is moving, reddening entire areas, testing, once again, the resilience of the health system. And this new burst of Covid-19, in the middle of Autumn, seems to be just taking its first steps.

As the analyzes and models of the epidemic that reach the government staff every day show that an extremely difficult period is opening up on the horizon, which will be reflected not only in the further rise of cases, but also in the pipelines, which will be largely related, with the unvaccinated. The data, anyway, are troubling, at a time when the government is called upon to manage another crisis on the pandemic front.

The government position expressed in all tones is that the country is not going to be caught in the grip of a new lockdown. And that was the message sent by the Prime Minister, speaking from the podium of the New Democracy Parliamentary Group. “There will be no more lockdowns in the country. Those who have already been vaccinated by choosing the vaccine will not be subject to significant restrictions again. While those who are not vaccinated must be protected by controls everywhere, but mainly by many tests,” was the typical aversion on Sunday. Mitsotaki. At the same time, government officials categorically deny the rumors of the last twenty-four hours for the imminent suspension of operation of the country’s schools. “They are completely non-existent. There is no such discussion. At the moment, only six departments out of a total of over 80,000 are closed. In our country, one of the strictest protocols for preventing the spread of the virus in the school environment has been implemented. “They are required to submit a negative rapid test or PCR twice a week and unvaccinated students a negative self test,” they said.

In this landscape, and given the government’s intention to continuously strengthen the health system, especially in the areas that receive the most pressure from the pandemic virus, the recruitment of doctors seems to be at the gates. “The framework of cooperation that has been developed with the private sector treats the country essentially as a Health Region. And I want to reiterate that we will do whatever it takes to add human resources to the Health System where we still have shortages today. I am referring to Specific specialties: Anesthesiologists, pulmonologists, and possibly physicians, and if necessary we will order services and staff. “, noted Mr. Mitsotakis, with the developments at this level being considered even immediate, in order for the national health system not to be placed in… Sympligades under the weight of the thousands of cases of Covid-19.


Source From: Capital

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