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The Government turns on entrepreneurs with selective restrictions in the campaign

Perplexity. The Government’s decision to selectively break the municipal confinement that governs Catalonia due to the pandemic to go to events within the electoral campaign has further increased the gap that separates the business community from those responsible for the Generalitat, quite a bit open taking into account the complaints about the null capacity to face the economic crisis derived from the coronavirus. In a joint statement, employers and the main merchants and restoration associations were â € œperplexedâ € by the permissiveness of the Government in the campaign and called for the full opening of their sector and free mobility to go shopping.

Affected merchants and restaurateurs consider that it does not have any kind of coherence to consent to municipal perimeter mobility due to the need to preserve the fundamental right to political participation when these acts can be held in a totally virtual way. Furthermore, they disfigure the Catalan administration that while free mobility is allowed to attend a meeting, companies and workers are required to adopt teleworking and businesses to remain closed, without financial aid and doing versus taxes. In addition, they recall that they have been complying with the restrictive measures for months and that the restoration “has been closed covertly since December 21”.

That is why they point out that if mobility is allowed to attend meetings, it should be possible to allow the opening of trade. In this sense, they recall that business and restaurant venues are safe spaces and are asking for compensation to face forced closures and the continuous restrictions dictated by the administrations. Complaints to the Government are signed by some fifteen entities such as Foment del Treball, Pimec, Gremio de Restauración de Barcelona, ​​Retail.cat, Comertia, Barcelona Oberta, or Anceco, among others.

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