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The Government will also raise public salaries by 0.9% and officials will not notice the crisis in their salaries


The Government will raise public salaries in the same proportion as pensions, that is, 0.9%, and in this way, it will prevent officials from noticing the impact of the crisis on their salaries. In fact, if one looks at the CPI estimates published a few days ago by BBVA Research, that figure will allow them to gain purchasing power since the expected average inflation figure is 0.7%,

Sources from both the Treasury and the Public Service confirm this increase, which has not yet been communicated to the unions and that this afternoon they have been summoned to a meeting to convey this information to them. Union representatives feared a freeze might occur, given that the Executive did not communicate any increase in the Budget Plan that it sent to Brussels in the middle of the month and in the last days it had fueled this possibility by not sending a clear message.

However, a day before the Council of Ministers approves the preliminary budget bill, the Executive has confirmed this increase, which responds to the forecast of the GDP deflator made by the Government – there is no official estimate of the CPI-. The unions indicate that each point of increase represents around 1,750 million euros, so that 0.9% supposes something more than 1,500 million. And with the increase it is wanted, according to Public Function, recognize the work of public workers at such a complex time and in which sectors such as healthcare, employment services or Social Security are working under significant pressure.

The salary increase will be accompanied by an offer of public employment that, in its entirety, will exceed 28,000 places. Of this figure, 8,996 places correspond to internal promotion, a figure that the Public Service underlines that it is the highest in history.

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The 2021 increase will be added to the best that officials have already registered in previous years following the multi-year agreement signed by the then Minister of Finance and Public Function, Cristóbal Montoro, with the unions. Only in the present year, Public wages rose to 2.5% while forecast inflation is negative. The power gain, therefore, is remarkable. And that is precisely what the Vice President for Economic Affairs, Nadia Calvià ± o, pointed out in September when she suggested the possibility of applying the salary freeze, which has not finally been carried out.

Trade unions, however, always remember the loss of power that civil servants and public workers suffered during the previous crisis, including the cut that the Government of Josà © Luis RodrÃguez Zapatero decreed.

In addition, regarding the figures for the public employment offer, the Central Sindical Independiente y de Servants (CSIF) states that it is “insufficient“given that 20% of the staff of the General State Administration (AGE)” is over 60 years old and is going to retire imminently “and the figure approved by the Government” does not even cover the urgency of the situation, given that the incorporations are not completed until after even two years, nor the structural needs that the pandemic has put in evidence “.

For its part, the UGT points out that those 28,000 places include those corresponding to the state security forces and bodies, and already last week it refused to sign the agreement although it also wanted to assess positively that the offer of employment “creates net employment” and presents “a record internal promotion offer, which opens up possibilities for progression in the professional career”

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