The Great Debate: After the Americanas case, see if there are still opportunities in retail

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The discovery of a billionaire gap brought down Americanas shares. The retailer filed for bankruptcy, banks started a legal battle against the company and, in the midst of it all, the stock has dropped 90% in recent weeks.

For investors, how does this scandal change investment strategy? Retail is a super important sector for the economy and also for the Brazilian stock market. Is the Americanas crisis a risk for the entire sector? Or, on the contrary, will the episode separate the good from the bad?

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To help answer these questions, in The Great Debate-Investments this Monday (30), on one side, Ricardo Aragon, partner and director of Matriz Capital, who sees good opportunities to continue investing in retail. On the other hand, Apolo Duarte, partner and head of the Variable Income Desk at AVG Capital, who prefers, for the time being, to stay away from retail.


“The Great Debate – Investing” There will always be the presence of two specialists with antagonistic views to discuss the pros and cons of the different options and investment solutions, in addition to topics from the world of personal finance and the financial market.

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The attraction is weekly and airs on Mondays at 7:50 pm.

*Published by Ana Carolina Nunes and produced by Letícia Brito

Source: CNN Brasil

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