The Great Debate – Investments: how to make money with Tesouro Direto

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The Selic rate rose to 7.75% per year and, according to the Central Bank, it will rise even more. While the stock market accumulates fall in the year, fixed income investments, which yield more when the Selic rises, are already paying more than double digits again, a reality that seemed to have been left behind.

In this scenario of high Selic rate, Tesouro Direto was once again an attractive option. In addition, they are the bonds with the lowest credit risk in the market and are liquid, that is, they can be redeemed at any time.

But which title to choose now? How to invest? Can you make money speculating, selling and buying in the short term?

Eduardo Castro, investment director at Portofino Multi Family Office, and Rodrigo Santin, investment director at Legend, discuss the topic in “O Grande Debate – Investimentos” this Monday (1).

about the program

“The Great Debate – Investments” it will always have the presence of two specialists with opposing views to debate the pros and cons of the different investment options and solutions, as well as topics from the world of personal finance and the financial market.

The attraction is weekly and airs on Mondays at 9:20 pm.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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