The Greek paradox: Why first-generation Greek-Australians live longer

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The elderly expatriates in Australiait seems they have found out who it is the secret of longevity. The first generation Greek Australians seem to be living longernoting, in fact, the second highest life expectancy after the Japanese.

The Greek immigrants who left Greece for Australia in the decade 1950 and his 1960apart from creating the first dairies and grocery stores in the country, they also contributed to the introduction of Mediterranean diet in Australia.

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The effect, in fact, of the introduction of its Greek version Mediterranean diet in Australia it was so widespread that cultural traditions were kept alive and Greek immigrants continued to eat healthier foods and possibly, as a result, lived longer for that reason.

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Research has found that the short sleeps after meals they help lower blood pressure and reduce heart disease. According to Swan, these short breaks, also known as ‘siestas’, which originated in Spanish culture and spread throughout the Mediterranean, were also adopted into the new lifestyle of the Australian Greeks, somehow becoming part of the secret of their longevity.

Source: News Beast

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