The price of the Grok token, whose creators were apparently inspired by Elon Musk’s AI chatbot, soared 13,000% just a week after its launch, and its market capitalization was $160 million.

The Grok token now has 11,000 holders and trading volume in the last 24 hours was $25 million. According to DEXTools, the largest Grok holders have unrealized gains ranging from $2.1 million to over $6 million. However, the available liquidity of the GROK/USD pair is as of was just $3.5 million as of November 13, meaning one large sale could wipe out the growth entirely.

On the eve of Elon Musk’s AI startup xAI introduced the chat bot Grok, which has real-time access to data from the social network X. The developers claim that the chat bot has a “rebellious streak” and will answer questions “with a drop of wit.”

After the rebranding of Twitter, many crypto enthusiasts and journalists began to discuss the possibility of Musk launching cryptocurrency X. Unknown people even reserved the xcoin.eth domain in case Musk decided to launch a token. After the entrepreneur announced the launch of xAI, the price of the XAI token, which is completely unrelated to Musk’s project, soared by 175%. However, Musk said that none of his companies will issue crypto assets.