The hair trends that will mark 2021

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We decided it was time to take stock and sift through the hottest hair trends of 2020 that we will carry with us even in this new year that has just begun, an unforgettable year that has now come to an end. On the one hand there are the hair looks that we have seen on the showbiz divas, on the other the inspirations proposed by hairdressers, stylists and colorists, but some super creative ideas that have independently made their way on social networks should not be forgotten. Ready for a journey to discover the hair trends that have depopulated in 2020 and that will accompany us in 2021?

According to Fabrizio Palmieri, creative director of Toni & Guy Italia, «A hair look devoted to minimalism and essentials has made its way since the last months of 2019, thanks to the non-availability of salons for many months.

When the lockdown came we saw a boom in the wavy and soft 70s hair look, a celebration of the natural texture of the hair and the casual-boho style. At the level of cuts, we have seen the soft bob trend take root, with a long nineties mood bob gently resting on the neck. The lovers of long hair, on the other hand, have chosen cuts with little evident scales, which require basic care at home, in the sign of low maintenance ».

«” Accessories ”must have: fringes, soft tufts and layers that frame the face. 2020 undoubtedly saw the return of the fringe, ideal for a change of look within everyone’s reach, as long as you choose the right shape and length. The styling with accentuated volumes was also very popular, like Pamela Anderson at the time of “Baywatch”, enhanced by the use of irons and plates and personalized by playing with the various accessories, from hair clips to fabric elastics ».

As Emanuele Temperini, TONI & GUY Italia technical director recalls, «In terms of coloring, in 2020 the contrasts were reduced, the blondes became delicate and transparent to emphasize the concept of naturalness. Neon or fluo colors are replaced by delicate pastel tones: powder pink, pastel blue, lilac. Jennifer Lopez in the last days of the past year gave us a taste of this Unicorn Hair revival, a perfect choice for the transition between a difficult year 2020 and one full of hope, the long-awaited 2021.

The colors that recall the nuances of nature and the earth win and will be the ones that will dominate the new year. The color technique that has depopulated on social networks is face framing, an evolution of contouring: with a 90s twist, it translates into a very bold detail on the front of the head. The most requested technique in terms of lightening was and will remain the balayage, nowadays made little freehand and more with the help of supports and backcombing, to obtain more accentuated lightening. Then there are those who in 2020 wanted to subvert every rule, giving themselves radical cuts with a neo-punk and rock’n’roll aesthetic (see Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato) ».

In the gallery we have collected the 10 most significant hair trends of 2020 that will dominate in the first part of the new year.

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