The Hardship of Life photo, symbol of the conflict in Syria, moves and shivers

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It can only shake the photograph that won the 2021 edition of Siena International Photo Awards. Entitled Hardship of Life, was taken from fotografo turco Mehmet Aslan in the Turkish province of Hatay, on the border with Syria.

The protagonists of photography with a very strong impact (impossible to remain indifferent) there is a man without a leg, lost when a bomb explodes, holding her son in her arms, without lower and upper limbs due to a malformation caused by the drugs necessary for the survival of the affected mother, during the war, from gas nervino, a toxic substance capable of altering the transmission of nerve impulses and causing a great deal of permanent damage.

As the baby’s mother, Mrs. Zeinab, told The Washington Post, “We have been trying to reach out for years to get help and treatment for my son. We would do everything to give him a better existence ».

The pain of an innocent family, victim in spite of himself of a ferocious conflict, the consequences of which systematically fall on civilians, unable to defend themselves and overwhelmed by history. As he pointed out Andrea Iacomini, spokesperson for Unicef ​​Italy, interviewed by Ansa after the publication of the winning photograph: “The drama in the drama is children with severe disabilities, which represent the weakest party in conflicts ».


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