‘The Hartung case’: the new Netflix series that has everyone obsessed

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Uncle Netflix showed off with his most recent releases and one of the foreign series that has thousands of obsessed subscribers, in addition to The squid game, is he thriller Danish psychological called The Hartung case.

The new Danish series focuses on a serial killer on the outskirts of Copenhagen who only has young mothers as victims, leaving small dolls made of chestnuts at each crime scene and bearing the fingerprints of a girl who has been missing for years.

Although the intriguing and dark story seems to have been based on some terrible event that actually happened, the reality is that The Hartung case is inspired by a novel by acclaimed writer Søren Sveistrup published in 2019, which managed to become an instant hit on the sales charts.

However, one of the details that not many know is that Sveistrup’s story is based on an annual tradition that takes place in Denmark, which is reflected in the first scenes of the trailer, where a group of preschool children sing a gloomy song inviting the “chestnut man” to enter their houses.

During one fall a few years ago, I went to pick up my youngest daughter from kindergarten and saw several children building chestnut men while singing a song: ‘Chestnut man, chestnut man, come on, come in, chestnut man, come in. to our house. ‘ To me, the invitation sounded pretty creepy, even if the context was innocent. Or maybe just because of that. Anyway, I decided to follow my instincts and use that little doll as the signature at every crime scene.

Perhaps it is for this reason that the series has become one of the most successful on the platform alongside The Squid Game And although the first season only has six episodes, thousands of fans are waiting for Netflix to confirm the premiere date for the second season.

scenes from 'the hartung case'

Assuming that The Hartung casestarring Danica Curcic, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard and Naia Thulin, gets renewed for a second installment, the production of the project should take at least a year, so many wait for a possible date to be announced in the spring of 2022. .

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