The healthy, light (and beautiful) recipes for the denied in the kitchen


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You don’t have to be a master cook to prepare healthy, light but also beautiful and, above all, good dishes: to find out, browse the gallery above with five tasty recipes to keep fit, from aubergine lasagna to (not) cabbage pizza, also think for those who hate being in the kitchen. They are taken from a new book that reminds us that eating correctly and balanced is good for our health as well as our physical shape: Recipes in balance, nutritionist’s food strategies for the denied in the kitchen (Mondadori Electa), of Iader Fabbri, nutritionist biologist and science communicator, a well-known face also on the net (here, for example, his YouTube channel).

The book contains 42 gluten-free, 20 lactose-free, 38 vegetarian, 12 vegan and many more recipes suitable for paleo and keto diets: the starred chef made them concretely Bobo Cerea (to see how on each page there is also a QR Code), following the advice of Fabbi, already author of the best seller The Equilibrium index (always for Mondadori) and also known for following many VIPs and world champions (the Moto GP world champion Jorge Lorenzo is one of them).

«In my book there are “technical” and not simply “light” recipes»Explains Fabbri. “Talking about light – continues the expert – is a mistake from a nutritional point of view: you don’t get fat simply because you eat fat, but because you eat too much and poorly in quality. It is a problem related to the wrong management of blood sugar».

«Everything – says Iader Fabbri – depends on ours hormones, which, however, we can manage based on the quantity and combination of macronutrienti, which are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water. The most problematic is the insulin hormone, whose production is stimulated by the presence of sugar in the blood (therefore by the increase in blood sugar). By stimulating insulin, increases in fat and therefore in fat mass are stimulated. An effect that is not obtained simply by eating sweets but all those foods that contain sugars, therefore also the pasta. However, if I add protein to the pasta, this source mitigates the development of insulin. Thus one draws benefit for the waist and therefore for health».

To learn how to do it and find our perfect balance, Iader Fabbri, in addition to the recipes, in his new book recalls the principles of healthy nutrition (starting with the importance of a diet rich in vegetables), and also gives advice for a well-organized pantry to have every useful and seasonal ingredient at hand, even learning how to shop in an intelligent way. For example, have you ever thought about going back to the supermarket? Science has proven that it is a method of not buying what is not needed, starting with foods that could make us fat. To see the recipes, browse the gallery above

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