The hot lava that impresses, the message for Peace and Pelosi on the floors

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Last week had it all, with photographers always fighting to capture the most representative photos of what happened.

The most characteristic images of the last days, then, have some basic ingredients: Colors, passion, tears, effort, survival, joy, and pain. The difficulties and challenges we face are many, but all of the above are all the things that make our lives have some meaning.

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The fact that a picture is worth a thousand words is proven. Not much needs to be said about the photos below. They are concentrated in them what happened in the world last week.

Nairobi, Kenya: Everyone Wants Peace

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A woman walks in front of an election mural calling for peace in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya. Kenya has scheduled its general election on Tuesday, August 9, as the East African financial hub chooses a successor to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Fagradalsfjall Volcano, Iceland: The magic of ‘catastrophic’ nature

The spectacular yet devastating lava flow at the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland, 32 kilometers southwest of the capital Reykjavik and near Keflavik International Airport, which erupted on Wednesday, August 3, offers unique photo clicks. Icelandic authorities say the volcano in the southwest of the country erupted just eight months after its last eruption officially ended.

Pokrovsk, Ukraine: The journey to a safer tomorrow

A little girl with her dog in her arms greets her grandparents from an evacuation train leaving Pokrovsk, Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine for a safer part of the country in the west. The government has ordered residents to leave the Donetsk region ahead of the Russian offensive as it prepares for autumn and winter and fears many there will lack access to heating, electricity or even clean water.

Hong Kong, China: All the “beliefs” of China in one photo

Pro-China supporters step on a picture of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a protest outside the United States Consulate General in Hong Kong. Pelosi arrived in Taiwan late Tuesday, becoming the highest-ranking US official in 25 years to visit the self-ruled island claimed by China, which has held military exercises in retaliation for her presence.

New Jersey, USA: High in the sky!

Crews inflate hot air balloons during the 39th annual New Jersey Lottery Balloon Festival at Solberg Airport in Readington. 100 hot air balloons took part in the festival, which lasted for three days.

Guatemala City, Guatemala: “Censorship” in the years 2022

Award-winning journalist Jose Ruven Zamora was arrested after a court hearing in Guatemala City for accusing the country’s president and Attorney General of a dispute. Politicians, anti-corruption activists and civic groups condemned the Guatemalan government’s decision to arrest the reporter, who heads the newspaper El Periodico, which specializes in exposing corruption.

London, England: Trophy celebrations

England’s Chloe Kelly, center, celebrates after scoring her team’s second goal during the women’s Euro 2022 final soccer match between England and Germany at Wembley Stadium in London. The “lionesses” were from the beginning one of the favorites to win the Women’s Euro 2022 and finally confirmed the predictions, after claiming the trophy with a 2-1 victory over Germany.

Mostar, Bosnia: Adrenaline at its peak

A diver jumps from the Old Bridge during the 456th annual traditional diving competition in Mostar, Bosnia. A total of 31 divers from Bosnia and the wider region jumped from the 23-meter-high bridge into the Neretva River.

Donetsk, Ukraine: The return to everyday life?

In a last-ditch effort to return to a sort of everyday life, the residents of Pokrovsk in the greater Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine are setting up their products in a sort of “market” hoping to sell them. The struggle for livelihood and survival does not cease even in wartime.

Frankfurt, Germany: A new day dawns

The sun rises over a freeway in Frankfurt, Germany, signaling the start of a new day. A day, perhaps, full of challenges and new opportunities for all those who are ready and “fighting” to exploit in the best and most efficient way another day of their precious life!

Source: News Beast

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