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The house of glances: Luca Zingaretti makes his directorial debut

After trying his hand at directing a couple of episodes of Commissioner Montalbano, the fiction that gave him success, Luca Zingaretti is ready to get serious, choosing to make his debut as director of a feature film. It’s not just any story, but the one told by Daniele Mencarelli, already author of the marvelous Everything asks for salvation, neither The house of glances, his first novel published by Mondadori. The film, which sees Luca Zingaretti also involved in the screenplay together with Gloria Malatesta, Stefano Rulli and Mencarelli himself, tells the story of Marco, a 20-year-old boy who has a great ability to feel, to perceive and empathize with the pain of world.

He’s a guy who writes poetry and look for “forgetfulness” in alcohol and drugs, that state of unconsciousness that is impenetrable even to the anguish of existing and living. Marco drinks a lot, he is running away from pain and above all from himself, and he almost feels like he doesn’t “fit” into things unless his alcohol level is very high. His suffering is latent, especially when his friends and relatives push him away because they are scared of his desire to destroy himself, at least until Marco finds himself in work in the Bambin Gesù cleaning cooperative: it will be there that the boy will understand how important it is to fight to live and enjoy every single moment of existence.

The house of glances – Daniele Mencarelli (Mondadori)

Produced by Bibi Film, Clemart with Rai Cinema and Stand by Me, The house of glances is the best way to make it clear that Luca Zingaretti has what it takes to tell great stories, following in the footsteps of many of his colleagues who have gone behind the camera such as Marco D’AmoreEdward Leo, Valeria Golino, Claudia Gerini, Jasmine Trinca and, more recently, Paola Cortellesi. The film, which had its first take in Rome on 18 September, will see the young man in the cast Gianmarco Franchini – already seen in Slowly by Stefano Sollima -, Federico Tocci, Riccardo Lai, Alessio Moneta – already seen in Everyone’s fine at home -, Chiara Celotto, Marco Felli and Cristian Di Sante.

Source: Vanity Fair

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