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The House of Suntory: an immersive Japanese gastronomy experience

The House of Suntory Experience is an invitation to those who love Japanese culture and flavors. The prestigious spirits brand will transform Japan House, in São Paulo, into an immersive environment to showcase its history and the art of hospitality in the country.

On the 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th of April, the art of making, serving and sharing will be showcased in a harmonized dinner led by beasts. Telma Shiraishi, ambassador of Japanese cuisine and chef at the Aizomê restaurant; Maurício Porto, whiskey specialist and founder of Caledonia Bar; mixologist Rodolfo Bob and omotenashi specialist and sommelière Yasmin Yonashiro will lead the lively evenings.

Guests will be welcomed and then taken to the Monozukuri moment, which means do with precision presence, patience and Japanese discipline, where an authentic masterclass of the Japanese whiskey portfolio, prepared by Mauricio Porto, with tasting of the Yamazaki Distiller Reserve, The Chita, Hakushu Distiller Reserve and Hibiki labels will be served accompanied by snacks.

At Omotenashi, which means hospitality that anticipates needs, pays attention to the smallest details and exceeds expectations, chef Telma Shiraishi will serve dinner, in 3 stages, with first course, second course and dessert, all paired with drinks specially created for the experience, designed by Yasmin Yonashiro and Rodolfo Bob.

Sushi and sashimi paired with drinks

To end the night, Monogatari, which means the art of telling stories and sharing teachings, invites everyone to experience the modernity of Japanese cocktails, celebrating in a disruptive environment with a drink of Roku Gin and Haku Vodka.

To sign the creative direction, The House of Suntory invited Erika Brandão and Ju Borgez, from Las Fluoritas. “To translate the philosophies proposed in the 2024 theme, we brought technologies such as AR, laser, mirrors, projections, LEDs and actors, offering an experience with a lot of art, knowledge and humanity. We have a team of experts in illustration, music production, scenography and technicians, who will transform all ideas into real life”, adds Ju Borgez.

The House of Suntory Experience 2024

Gastronomy: Telma Shiraishi (Aizomê)
Cocktails: Maurício Porto, Yasmin Yonashiro and Rodolfo Bob
Date: April 24th to 27th
Opening hours: reception 8pm | Experience begins promptly at 8:30 pm
Location: Japan House São Paulo (Avenida Paulista, 52)
Value: R$800.00
Tickets: https://thehouseofsuntoryexperience.com

Source: CNN Brasil

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