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The human brain is shrinking and no one knows why

The brains of modern humans are about 13% smaller than those of homo sapiens who lived 100,000 years ago. Is this due to climate change or some of the skills we have acquired? Traditionally, reports a BBC analysis, it was believed that man's “big brain” is what differentiates him from other animals. The capacity for thought and innovation has allowed humans to create the arts, invent the wheel and even travel into space. Certainly, compared to other similarly sized animals, our brains are gigantic. The human brain has nearly quadrupled in size in the six million years since our species last shared a common ancestor with chimpanzees. However, studies show that this trend towards larger brains has been reversed in homo sapiens. Average brain size has shrunk over the past 100,000 years. For example, in a 2023 study, paleoanthropologist Ian Tattersall […]
Source: News Beast

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