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The hysteria of the prehensile Jolanda

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We are the seventh state in the world for the total number of infections (1,825,775) and the fourth in the ratio between deaths and population (1,060 per million inhabitants).
Having said that, a controversy has been going on tirelessly for weeks after the words of the mountaineer-writer Mauro Corona pronounced live in Cartabianca where he had addressed the landlady, a petulant Bianca Berlinguer who interrupted him constantly, with a bad joke: “Shut up, hen.”

The poor mountain dweller was immediately purged for cathodic sexism by the director of Rai3 Franco Di Mare and crucified by the feminists, despite the fact that Berlinguer had forgiven him.
A few days pass, the victims of Covid increase, and a new scandal breaks out. A bad joke by Luciana Littizzetto, pronounced a What’s the weather like, unleash the web and newspapers. The comedian shows a hot photo of Wanda Nara, wife of the football player Mauro Icardi, naked on a horse: “Who knows where the saddle knob is,” jokes Littizzetto, “she harpoons herself like this. He has the prehensile Jolanda ». And immediately the orchestra of the politically correct starts again: «Sexual jokes uttered by a woman only give disgust», thunders a viewer. “The Littizzetto is of an absurd vulgarity,” attacks someone else who has removed from the memory the jokes she makes and made the Littizzetto on the alleged micro-genitals of Fabio Fazio who, his goodness, has always accepted the joke.
Come on, what happened? Wanda Nara, who works as “the famous for being curvy”, gets naked on horseback and posts the photo on Instagram to one side. On the other, Littizzetto, who works as a comedian, teases her, whips the costumes laughing – and disciplines, laughing manners it was the inscription on the bust of the Harlequin that decorated the proscenium of the Comédie Italienne in Paris in the 16th century. That’s all? No: because the Turin comedian did not receive the radiation from the Rai screens which instead hit Corona.
Here is one of the plagues that afflict the new century: the fear of expressing an opinion because one would end up shot down by the executioners of Gender, Me Too, politically correct. What happened years ago to the greatest living American writer, Joan Didion, who was fiercely criticized for an article in which she rejected the idea that as a woman she was not strong enough to measure up to what she considered the harshness of everyday life in a male dominated society. And he also found that there was something sinister about the feminist movement. “It seemed more and more that the aversion was against adult sexual life itself: how cleaner it would be to always remain children.” Here: this desire to remain children has to do with the way we would like
the world works with respect to the disappointments that daily life offers us, and it helps to protect us also from our personal failures. An indignation that is often linked to the folly of demanding human perfection, immaculate citizens, clean and pleasant companions, ready to ask thousands of apologies a day. As Kant wrote: «From a wood as crooked as that of which man is made, nothing can be built that is perfectly straight». So, on with the gender-feminist hysteria. The reality is that men look at women, and men look at other men, and women look at men, and women in particular judge others.
women, and all do nothing but make them objects.

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