The ideal gifts for mom that she WILL use

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Moms are the only ones who work 365 days a year and without any kind of rest, and although we must celebrate at all times that they are super powerful women, we must remember that there is a special day just for them and it is fair that at least during that date receive a nice gift with which we express how grateful we are that they are our love, support, strength and support.

Every year most of us think about giving them an appliance but, being honest, is it something they really want? Of course not! Mom needs gifts that make her feel pretty and, especially, that take care of her skin; For this reason, here are some infallible product ideas that will make her super happy and will make you her favorite daughter.

1. A cream to keep your eyes shining

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Creams containing retinol are much more effective than normal creams, because they help combat the signs of skin aging, in addition to being perfect for preventing the deterioration of the dermis. It is important to use this type of cream to gradually eliminate wrinkles and expression lines, so stop thinking about it, mom needs one eye contour cream.

2. A massage is always good

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FOREO face massager

An anti-aging treatment not only needs creams, but also a massager that, with its pulsations and frequencies, can help reduce wrinkles and expression lines and that can also firm the skin. By complementing the skincare routine with a massager, mom will be able to have cleaner, more elastic skin with a better appearance. So stop thinking about giving her a blender or a toaster, if this mother’s day you show up with a device like the FOREOShe will be more than grateful.

3. A serum for beautiful eyelashes

flash serum for eyelashes

Over the years our eyelashes also deteriorate, that is why we have to think about strengthening them… and we are not talking about an exercise routine, but about applying products with different vitamins. A perfect option to make mom’s eyelashes look stronger, longer and more perfect is a serum. The best thing about this product is that it can be applied once a day and it doesn’t matter if you have sensitive eyes, because it doesn’t irritate, burn or hurt. Mom is waiting for you!

4. A vitamin C but not exactly in juice

Vitamin E serum in capsules

Drinking orange juice every day of course helps, but mom also needs to apply all the vitamin to her face. The serum help minimize the appearance of dark spots, in addition to preventing the loss of moisture in the skin; so by applying a capsule daily at night, she will be able to have glowing and beautiful skin.

5. No to tattoos, yes to eyebrow serums!

Serum to grow eyelashes and eyebrows

Although it may not seem like it, the different pigments, tattoos and inks damage the follicles of the eyebrows and, like the skin, they also need a special treatment with vitamins to strengthen them. The Lilash LiBrow to growth and density giving results in the first 2 weeks, now imagine that mom uses it… She will have perfect eyebrows! They also have a product super effective for your lashes that will leave you the most impressive look.

Find the ideal gift for mom in one place:

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