The “inappropriate masks to be given to the homeless and unemployed” and Merkel’s support for Span

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The issue of ordering inappropriate masks to be distributed to the homeless, unemployed and disabled was brought to light by the German magazine Spiegel, provoking the Chancellor’s reaction. Angela Merkel.

Merkel expressed her full support for the Minister of Health Jens Span and spoke of “non-existent accusations.”

According to the BILD newspaper, during today’s meeting of the Bureau of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), the Chancellor said: “When I see what is happening with Jens (Span)… It has no substantive basis…” and added that the whole case is an “attempt to cause damage through the negative atmosphere”. This, he said characteristically, “is far from what we consider good behavior and we must resist.”

CDU leader Armin Lasset, for his part, reportedly spoke of a “negative campaign” by the Social Democratic Party (SPD), whose leadership called for Mr Span to step down on Sunday. “If I got 8%, I would be silent for a day or two,” Lassett added, referring indirectly to the SPD’s historically low turnout in yesterday’s Saxony-Anhalt election.

Asked about the chancellor’s view on the matter, government spokesman Stephen Seibert “made it very clear why the allegations are non-existent” and that for the Ministry of Health consumer safety is always the first priority and these masks they were safe. “That is exactly why they are in the national warehouses,” he added, according to the Athens News Agency.

“By the way, this was a decision supported by the whole government,” said Seibert, referring indirectly to the Labor Department, which complained about allegedly poor quality controls on the mask order. The representative of the Ministry of Labor clarified, however, that the services did not evaluate the masks themselves, but only their quality certificates.

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