The inauguration of the new offices of MANDYNAMIC in Athens took place by Ad. Georgiadis

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Within the framework of the stable development planning of the company MANDYNAMIC, which is active nationwide in the staffing of companies, the inauguration of its new offices in Athens at 332 Syggrou Avenue was recently inaugurated by the Minister of Development and Investment Mr. Adonis Georgiadis.

Mr. Georgiadis attended the “official first” of MANDYNAMIC in Athens at the invitation of the company and the MP of the SW Prefecture of Pella Mr. Vassilios Vassiliadis.

Immediately after, the Minister wished the Management and the executives of the company, the next 5 years to be 5 times more dynamic. At this point we must emphasize that MANDYNAMIC completed 5 years of operation this year starting from Edessa.

On the sidelines of the inauguration, the Minister of Development was informed about the specialized action and the size of the company in the presence of Mr. Vassiliadis, whom he characterized as a politician with a bright future, giving special emphasis to the well-documented and studied proposals submitted by the MP, without omitting detail.


The management of the company also had a meeting with the former Minister of Tourism Haris Theocharis, whom he informed about its actions, while they also exchanged views on the future of work, which mainly concerns the unemployed, young and young.

The event ended with the necessary reception at which all necessary measures were taken to prevent the spread of covid-19. The reception was attended by:

The Minister of Development and Investment Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, the former Minister of Tourism Mr. Haris Theocharis, the Member of Parliament for Pella Mr. Vassilios Vassiliadis, the Mayor of Kallithea Mr. Dimitrios Karnavos, the General Director of Labor Relations Mr. Konstantinos the Minister. Catering Association in Attica Mr. Ioannis Daveronis, the President of IGEE Greece Mr. Konstantinos Smyrnis, the General and Director of Training of the General Staff Mr. Demokritos Konstantakos, the former General Secretary of the Labor Inspectorate Mr. Konstantinos Pantazis. Katerina Diamantopoulou with her husband Nikolaos Karakatsani Architect of Diavitis construction, businessmen Mrs. Dora Patsioti and Mrs. Polina Stampourlou, the businessman Mr. Grigorios Dedes, the Edessa businessman Mr. Anastasios Siniosoglou, the lawyer Mr. Vassilios Christomanos, the businessman Mr. Ioannis Stollas as well as many other friends and associates.

We thank them all and invite even more to our daily activities, so that we can continue to share successes!


Source From: Capital

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