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When the police caught runaway Richard Lee McNair in October 2007, he claimed that night would be in the news as “they had caught a big fish”. According to, McNair had a special inclination to escape and in the past escaped from the authorities twice more, however this was done in the most incredible way. In each of his escapes, McNair used increasingly creative methods, with his third attempt being particularly ingenious, with himself “sending” himself to freedom through correspondence.

The robbery went wrong and…

According to, McNair was working as a sergeant at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota in 1987 when he decided to invade and rob a grain depot. The robbery went awry and McNair shot two men, killing one and wounding the other. During interrogation, he managed to escape from his handcuffs with the help of some lip balm he had in his pocket. McNair somehow got out of both the interrogation room and the police station and led authorities to a chase that ended with his jumping from a third-floor window into a tree, eventually falling down. He was then arrested and sent to prison Minot’s Ward County, where guards prevented another escape, after they discovered that McNair was slowly scraping the bricks in his cell.

Richard McNair was eventually sentenced to 30 years in prison for robbery and twice sentenced to life in prison for murder and attempted murder. In 1992, he and two other detainees escaped from North Dakota State Penitentiary by climbing a vent. The other two men were arrested within hours, but according to The Infographics Show, McNair dyed his hair and roamed the United States for 10 months using stolen vehicles. He was eventually arrested on Grand Island, Nebraska, and taken to Minnesota Oak Park, a high-security jail level 5 that had not escaped. McNair later joined a prisoner protest that led to his transfer to Denver, the Florence penitentiary in Colorado.

McNair eventually persuaded authorities to take him to a high-security jail at the United States Penitentiary in Pollock, Louisiana, where he found work repairing torn mail bags. On April 5, 2006, he hid in a pallet with shrunken bags post office after opening a small hole in the plastic and inserting a small straw so that it can breathe. The pallet was taken to a warehouse where McNair waited for workers to take a lunch break. When the environment was clean, McNair started running. Shortly afterwards, when he was stopped by a patrol car, he introduced himself to police as Robert Jones, claiming that he did not know anyone in the area, and that he was out jogging at the local hotel where he was staying.

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