The incredible resemblance to Taylor Swift and the TikTok account that went viral

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The account made by a woman in is broken TikTok. Ashley has gone viral because of her incredible resemblance to pop star Taylor Swift.

Nicknamed @ traumarn13, Ashley has 120,000 followers and 2.5 million likes.

In the most viewed post, which has been seen by users more than 2.5 million times, she appears to share tips on washing clothes in the bathtub when there is no washing machine.

In a new post, he joked that he received so many views from people who did not realize that the real thing was not published Taylor Swift.

“When millions of people believe that Taylor Swift washes her clothes in her bathtub and don’t even think about reading her username,” she wrote.

Some TikTok users wrote comments about her resemblance to the American singer.

“Taylor Swift will be wondering, ‘When did I make this video?'” One user wrote.

“No, it’s not Taylor Swift, you can’t convince me of anything else,” another comment read.

Ashley has posted videos in which she appears to be singing Taylor Swift hits.

However, the lives of celebrities on TikTok are not new, as noted by the Athens News Agency. On the social networking platform, users are showing intense interest in the accounts of two women who look very much like Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston.

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