The incredible story of Elon Musk in our We Can Be Heroes podcast

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The third launch attempt for the Starship spacecraft, which Elon Musk hopes one day to send to Mars, has failed. But he doesn’t give up. Because the billionaire CEO of Space X and Tesla has overcome many other obstacles. Our podcast We Can Be Heroes, track the story of the most visionary (and controversial) character of the moment, from South African origins through the loss of his son Nevada to the most bizarre pop appearances.

“I think what Elon has done with Tesla is fantastic,” Bill Gates told CNBC.

«We need more Elon Musk. We need one for steel, one for concrete and for all the other sectors ».

In February 2021, the endorsement (not taken for granted) of the philanthropist Gates to the founder of Space X and Tesla arrived. Perhaps because as the world plunged into the nightmare of the pandemic, the year that just passed was the luckiest ever for Musk: Forbes estimated his fortune 23.6 billion dollars at the beginning of 2020, and placed him at the bottom of the 50 wealthiest in the world. Now, after a 700% rise in the shares of Testa, there is talk of 185 billion, a sum that undermines if not exceed the richest in the world, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

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